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Hi from Rubys Couture

The rubys couture label is best known for its exclusive style, creative fabric techniques, fascinating colors & prestigious look. Our aim is to provide the latest fashion trend & exclusive clothing which expresses the emotion of joy & happiness. we are very careful in selecting colors & designs to also cheer up the enthusiasm & passion with style.


Life is short,
make every outfit count


Bilal Shahid


From the CEO

Rubys Couture Magnified through the lens of modernity, it continues to preserve the essence of culture. Hence, it is a blend of trendy & traditional elements that mirror a keen understanding of distinction designs approach & intricate yet elegant cutting techniques.
Based on a diverse range of print, luxury & formal silhouettes, the rubys couture is readily available all across Pakistan & a few other regions.
We provide the latest fashion trends & exclusive clothing styles. Outfits are also very thoughtful & selective in the choice of colors with the designs. The overall style influenced by making the outfit look elegant & graceful. This draws great attention from new customers & they Simply loved the Outcome!

Our Team


Ahmed Hussain


Ryan Umer

Marketing Manager

Sarah Gil


Delivery Worldwide

We deliver all over the world

High Quality Products

Our clothes have a high quality fabrics and every suit is checked by a quality control department

Affordable Pricing

Rubys Couture offer great pricing with great quality

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